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Programmation:How to configure GEM in PD


note: this tutorial has been made on linux mint 18 64bits; paths have to be adapted on windows and mac...

Installation steps to use GEM into puredata 0.47.1 with deken (the built-in package management system for Pure Data externals)

  • Open puredata (...)
  • Go to Help > Find externals
  • Type gem in the search field
  • Search the latest version of Gem (Gem v0.93.3git... 2016-05-15 when i write this post) and install it.
  • Once done, go to File > Preferences > Path....
  • Add a new search path and locate the Gem folder on your harddrive ( /opt/pd-0.47-1/lib/pd/extra/Gem on my drive, because i've installed pd in opt folder )
  • [optional] check verbose checkbox if you want to see what pd does at startup
  • Hit apply and close.
  • Last step is to load Gem at startup. To do so, go to File > Preferences > Startup....
  • Hit new and enter Gem in the textfield.
  • Hit apply and close.

Once done, close pd and open it again.

  • Go to Help > Browser...
  • Navigate to Gem/ > examples > 01.basics and select 01.redSquare.pd
  • Click on create symbol in the grey zone of the patch.
  • A small window should appear with a white square displayed in the middle.


If something goes wrong, you should not be able to open the window and different objects should be outlined with dashed lines.

If you checked verbose in the path panel, search the pd console for this line:

tried /opt/pd-0.47-1/lib/pd/extra/Gem/Gem.pd_linux and failed

This means that the folder Gem is not correctly set. Check the folder via a file browser and verify that the startup panel contains a field Gem.

The output in the console have to be:

tried /opt/pd-0.47-1/lib/pd/extra/Gem/Gem.pd_linux and succeeded