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Translations in drupal

Process to follow to translate a page using Multilingual content.

Step by step

  1. Edit the page to translate. If the language is set to Language neutral, select the base language for your site (english in this case).

    Drupal translation process screenshot1.png

  2. Once saved, a tab translate appears at top/right.

    Drupal translation process screenshot2.png

  3. To create a new translation of the page, click on translate . Click on add translation. A new version of the page is created, directly linked to the selected language.

    Drupal translation process screenshot3.png

  4. At the bottom of the form, fix the menu settings. Adapt the Menu link title and verity the Parent item.

    Drupal translation process screenshot4.png

  5. Verify the behaviour in front end. When a page is correctly translated, the language link is active in the language menu.

    Drupal translation process screenshot5.png

  6. If the link appears at the bottom of the menu, go to structure>menus and rearrange the titles.

    Drupal translation process screenshot6.png